Bågø N

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Monday, October 7, 2019 - 21:35
Anchor position DMS
55° 19' 40" N , 9° 48' 42" E
Anchor position DM
55° 19.66667' N , 9° 48.70000' E
Anchorage position short
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North of Bågø, the Danish Sailing Union has laid out 2 buoys. In calm weather conditions it is a scenic anchorage. 15 years ago I sailed here and anchored up when the harbor in Assens was overcrowded. Upon entering, we jogged up a large number of seabirds. They flock around Egholm west of the anchorage. The sunset was amazing. In 2012, the scenery repeated itself. We saw the sun go down over Jutland. The water was colored purple by the setting sun and an hour later the setting moon sent a silver stripe through the water. The evening was long for the grandchildren of 6 and 8 years. They wanted to experience it all. The next day we sailed to the island in the rubber boat we had brought with us. Among other things, we got this information: On Egholm, the island's residents in the 50s could collect 2-3000 gull eggs every other day. The eggs were i.a. used in bakeries. This information can be obtained from a farm in Bågø town, where a local museum has been set up. Admission is free and there is polite self-service with sales of ice cream and coffee etc. Grandchildren in a high mood, Danish summer and experiences in an unknown country - what more can you achieve?