Dragsted Vig

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Monday, October 7, 2019 - 21:35
Anchor position DMS
56° 47' 11" N , 8° 33' 44" E
Anchor position DM
56° 47.18333' N , 8° 33.73333' E
Anchorage position short
Sailing conditions
The beach slopes evenly, so there is no need to look at anything other than the depth gauge. Of course you have to respect the brooms in Dragsted Vig - they are not there for no reason.
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The small cove is located just north of Ørndrup in the low Dragstrup Cove. There is a view of the beautiful cliffs on Mors, with birdsong in the morning and the scent of the beach seaweed and flowers in the evening. There is shelter for most winds. It is an anchorage where other boats rarely come, which is due to the fact that there are not many boats nearby, and certainly NOT that it is a bad anchorage. When you lie too sway in the bay, I feel that the peace around me slowly spreads in my own body and mind :-)