Harre Vig

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Sunday, June 27, 2021 - 17:38
Anchor position DMS
56° 42' 3" N , 8° 54' 8" E
Anchor position DM
56° 42.05000' N , 8° 54.13333' E
Anchorage position short
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Harre Vig is probably the nicest place and the most protected anchorage in the entire Limfjord. There is 2-3 meters of water and the cove is protected from wind from all corners. The bottom is mud, and holds up well. When entering, just keep clear of the mussel farms on the south side. Apart from this, there are no problems with entry. There are a few farms down to the water, but apart from that it is quiet and only birds and cattle are heard on a quiet summer evening. A morning swim in the fjord in the morning is nice, and the swallows are whirling around curiously. If you do not wear swimwear, make sure that the pike do not nibble on loose pendants.