Kalø Slotsruin

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Monday, October 7, 2019 - 21:35
Anchor position DMS
56° 16' 36" N , 10° 28' 31" E
Anchor position DM
56° 16.60000' N , 10° 28.51667' E
Anchorage position short
Sailing conditions
In the bay there are two DS buoys and ample opportunity to anchor.
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In this scenic bay, north of Kaløvig, there are many signs that there has always been sailing on these edges. The bay is a perfect natural harbor with departures only in two places. One place (closest to the ruin) is mostly for connoisseurs, but the other is marked well with red light buoy. Ever since the Stone Age, sailors have noticed the sandbank that "closes" the bay. Today, four huge stones can still be seen marking the ground. You are really well located here in all wind directions and there is plenty to look at.

In the bay is also Nappedam marina (there is a bus to Rønde in hourly operation), a nice beach, restaurant and ice house.

Visit the 700-year-old ruin Kalø Castle, which has held the Swedish king, Gustav Wasa, captive at the bottom of the large tower with meter-thick walls. Mols Bjerge National Park starts here and is a whole chapter in itself. http://www.danmarksnationalparker.dk/Mols/