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Anchor position DMS
55° 57' 1" N , 10° 27' 26" E
Anchor position DM
55° 57.01667' N , 10° 27.43333' E
Anchorage position short
Sailing conditions
Can be sailed in bright and visible weather, reverse changing current in the strait between Tunø and Samsø.
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If you visit Tunø, the harbor is often full .

Then you anchor on the beach north west of the harbor and wait until the next morning where there will be space in the harbor. It is always possible to find a quiet place, with strong east wind, it can be an advantage to search towards Samsø (Mårup harbor).

North of the seaweed that goes out from the harbor is the electric cable to Samsø (no anchoring) see beacons on land. On the west side of Tunø, an electric cable also runs to the wind farm on the shallow area west of the island, which, like Samsø, is self-sufficient in electricity.

On the southern beach there are good opportunities for anchoring, but a few waves from the ferry can be expected (two departures daily).

On Tunø everything is quiet, there are many small shops with crafts, mini golf, bike rental. The old dairy is now a restaurant and inn. Tunø is known for its fine vegetables that are sold in several places on the island. Behind the inn is the church, which has a fire in the church tower.

There is a well-stocked grocery store that also sells gasoline and diesel.

There live permanently approx. 170 people on Tunø, which has a fixed ferry connection to Hou (Jutland).