Vornæs Skov

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Monday, October 7, 2019 - 21:36
Anchorage position short
Anchor position DMS
54° 59' 45" N , 10° 31' 19" E
Anchor position DM
54° 59.75000' N , 10° 31.31667' E
Sailing conditions
Follow the knot depth down along Tåsinge and then sail directly east as far in as you dare. There are some rocks along the coast but at the specified place there is 3 m of water with sand and seaweed bottom.
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In easterly winds there is nice shelter behind Vornæs Skov. And nice evening sun which goes down over Skarø. In addition, there are many boats to look at that sail in the Høje Stene race, as well as the islands Hjortø, Drejø and Skarø closest.