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Anchor position DMS
37° 31' 5" N , 23° 26' 2" E
Anchor position DM
37° 31.08333' N , 23° 26.03333' E
Anchorage position short
Sailing conditions
Anchor for about 6.0 meters where there is space. The bottom is sandy and weeds, good once held through the weeds. If the wind is variable or the anchorage is busy, it is best to take a shoreline to one of the rocks. The wind is changeable, but you lie well.
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Russian Bay or Daskalia Bay is a bay 2.2 km west of Poros. At the entrance to the bay is the small Daskalia Island with a chapel. The bay was named Russian because in the last century there was a Russian naval base here. The ruins of their onshore storage facilities can still be seen. At the entrance to the bay is the small Daskalia bay with a chapel. Although it is a very comfortable anchorage, the water is dark and one's peace is disturbed by the frequent washing of the ferries. Poros town is an hour and a quarter on foot, but faster by dinghy.

There is a beach bar that plays loud music all day, sometimes until quite late. If you value peace and quiet, then you have to find another place to anchor.