Humlebæk Havn

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Port position map
Harbour position DMS
55° 58' 15" N , 12° 32' 44" E
Harbour position DM
55° 58.25000' N , 12° 32.73333' E
Bumblebee harbor can be accessed around the clock. The sail until the harbor is marked with red and green sticks. There is a speed limit of 2 knots in the harbor basin.

Humlebæk harbor is located by the Sound and about 5 miles south of Helsingør. Bumblebee harbor is a very cozy harbor that has charm and a maritime feel.

Bikes are available free of charge if you have the courage to move around the area. The nearest shopping mall is located approximately 1 kilometer south of the harbor. A bus leaves to Helsingør and Copenhagen from the harbor.


There is a super nice beach right by the harbor.

Louisiana is located about 10 minutes walk from the harbor. Louisiana is an international museum with a significant collection of modern art. The museum's permanent collection is the largest in Scandinavia. The museum's collection is based on art from 1945 onwards. Among other things, it is possible to experience Picasso, Per Kirkeby, Andy Warhol etc. Note that Louisiana has closed on Mondays.

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Ports charge

2016: Both under 5 meters in length cost DKK 115 per day. Both between 5-6 meters in length cost DKK 125 per day. Both between 6-8 meters in length cost 135 kroner per day. Both between 8-10 meters in length cost 145 kroner per day. Both between 10-12 meters in length cost 160 kroner per day. Both between 12-15 meters in length cost 175 kroner per day. Both over 15 meters in length cost DKK 310 per day.

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