Aalborg - Marina Fjordparken

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Harbour position DMS
57° 3' 22" N , 9° 52' 34" E
Harbour position DM
57° 3.36667' N , 9° 52.56667' E
Port position map
The harbor can be accessed day and night. The mole lights glow green and red. With westerly winds there is strong easterly flow which makes entry difficult. Maximum 3 knots in the harbor and when entering.
Number of moorings
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Aalborg Marina Fjordparken is the westernmost marina in Aalborg. The harbor is located in scenic surroundings, and yet it is easy to get to Aalborg Centrum by bus. The bus departs from the hostel right next to the harbor.

The bakery, grocery store and kiosk are approximately 1 km from the town. The hostel has a kiosk with limited selection. In the clubhouse you will find bathing facilities, WC, washing machines and a small kitchen where you can prepare your food.

Aalborg Sailing Club has a home port in Marina Fjordparken.


Aalborg Maritime and Marine Museum is a maritime museum that has the submarine jumper in its exhibition. In addition, the museum exhibits various ship radios and navigation equipment and of course an exhibition around Aalborg harbor.

Aalborg Zoo offers animals from all over the world. You can , as the only place in Denmark, meet the world's largest animal, the African elephant. Visit the polar bears in their Greenland fjord, or face the Siberian tiger.

Aalborg Zoo offers many wonderful animals and experiences

In the middle of the city on Nytorv you will find Jesper Bang's Stenhus, which consists of five floors and is the largest citizen's house in the Renaissance from the Renaissance.

In addition, it is recommended to visit Aalborg Kloster and Lindholm high by Nørresundby.

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Ports charge

Both up to 12 meters in length cost 120 kroner per day. Both over 12 meters in length cost 150 kroner per day. The port fee is paid to the port guard or in the set up caseloader found at the entrance to the guest toilets / bath. Members of the Free Port scheme pay DKK 25 in environmental tax.

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