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Harbour position DMS
55° 23' 38" N , 13° 36' 13" E
Harbour position DM
55° 23.63333' N , 13° 36.21667' E
Port position map
The harbor can be accessed day and night, but in invisible weather it is advisable not to call without local knowledge of the entry. The sail until the harbor is marked with a guide lighthouse leading into course 297 °. Be wary of large stones outside of the sailors - these are not marked. The actual gutter should be 2 meters deep, but sanding occurs so it can be only 1.6 meters.
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The Port of Abbekås is located on the southern coast of Skåne between the cities of Trelleborg and Ystad. The harbor is a smaller fishing and marina. The harbor consists of inner and outer pools. The outer basin is used for pleasure boats, but the interior is for the fishermen.

There is a service building with a bath, toilet and washing / drying facilities. In the summer, there is a café on the harbor area. If you want more shopping opportunities, they can be found in Skivarp, about 4 km from the harbor.


Abbekås Golf Club is near the harbor. Here you will find both an 18 and 9 hole course.

+46 706602630
Ports charge

2020: Both up to 12 meters in length cost 170 SEK per day.

2020: Both over 12 meters in length cost 215 Swedes per day.

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