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Harbour position DMS
56° 46' 39" N , 8° 15' 19" E
Harbour position DM
56° 46.65000' N , 8° 15.31667' E
Port position map
The port of Agger can be accessed around the clock, but only in bright and visible weather. Wind and current conditions must be taken into account. Be aware that sea gus can reduce visibility very suddenly. The difference between mean high and medium water is 0.3 meters. Winds between SW and W can give up to 1.0 m high tide and winds between N and SE up to 0.5 m low tide.
Number of moorings

The port of Agger is neighboring the North Sea, and it also means a beautiful sandy beach.

In the port of Agger there is a fishing shop, a summer restaurant and the Agger Holiday Center with its apartments and facilities such as tennis court and indoor swimming pool. The small fishing huts by the fjord give the place a special atmosphere.


Worth a visit is the church of Ager , which twice had to be moved because of a sand escape - most recently in 1838. Or take a tour of the Black Houses , where you can see more about the history of the area and coastal protection. The fisherman's house is a small museum that tells about the fishermen's life in the old days and about the building practice on the west coast.

About 5 kilometers from Agger harbor lies Vestervig Church , where Liden Kirsten is buried. The church is also Denmark's largest village church, and here is also Denmark's oldest sundial in the church wall.

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120, - pr. 24 hours incl electricity

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