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Harbour position DMS
57° 35' 31" N , 10° 25' 45" E
Harbour position DM
57° 35.51667' N , 10° 25.75000' E
Port position map
The harbor of Ålbæk can be called around the clock. The port lighthouse shows in course 278 °. There may be heavy current, which is usually northbound. With strong S-like and SW-like winds, it can be difficult to enter the harbor. Burn degrees may occur in the area extending up to 3 miles off the coast. Max 3 knots in the harbor basin.
Number of moorings

The Port of Ålbæk is located approximately 8 miles southwest of Skagen. The port is a combined fishing and marina.

Approximately 700 meters from the harbor you will find Ålbæk town, which offers limited shopping. It is possible to buy fresh at the harbor by the local fishermen.

Tumble dryer and washing machine both cost 20 kroner to use and you have to remember to bring washing powder yourself.


Råbjerg Mile is one of the largest hiking dunes in Europe. Since 1900 Råbjerg Mile has moved 1500 m to the east, and today it is moving at an average of 15 m a year, which means that in 100-200 years it will have covered the main road to Skagen. Trees and other things covered by the mile appear on the other side after about 40 years when the mile has passed.

Farm Fun is a playground and a zoo in Ålbæk. There are approximately 500 different animals and birds at Farm Fun. There is room for both children and adults. Children can freely walk around while the adults relax either with brought food or enjoy themselves in the café. You will find Farm Fun at Jerupvej 155 in Ålbæk.

+45 21 77 37 99
Ports charge
2019 Without electricity With electricity
until 12 m 190 - 200, -
12 - 15 m 230 - 240, -
Over 15 m 340, - 350, -

Including water, toilet, bath, internet and loan of bicycles.

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