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Harbour position DMS
55° 16' 42" N , 14° 48' 6" E
Harbour position DM
55° 16.70000' N , 14° 48.10000' E
Port position map
Allinge harbor is a traffic and marina that can be accessed around the clock, though not in harsh winds. Pay attention to compass display and hard current when entering. The port's green lighthouses lead in course 208.9 °. The port's lighthouse is switched off when entering the harbor is unjustifiable. The port entrance between the rocks is first seen very close. There is a speed limit of 3 knots in the harbor basin. Show consideration for ferry traffic.
Number of moorings

Allinge harbor is located on the north side of Bornholm. Allinge harbor has exploded in the cliff, so the harbor does not become more Bornholm than this. Guest sailors can lay along the quay in the outer harbor and in the inner harbor if space is available.

The harbor is in the city center and is surrounded by a wealth of exciting shops, restaurants and cafes. Allinge town has grown together with the neighboring town of Sandvig . The nearest gas station is approximately 800 meters away. There are and several smokehouses where you can buy freshly smoked fish.

During the summer, there is a daily ferry connection to Christiansø and Simrishamn.


Don't miss the Allinge Jazz festival every year in week 28. Jazz concerts are played all over town and at the harbor. The concerts are free.

Madsebakke is Denmark's largest collection of rock carvings. Here, the Bronze Age people carved sun signs, footprints and ship images into the rock. It is recommended to visit the place with a flashlight and at sunset, then it is easier to see the carvings.

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Ports charge

2018: - 7 m: 125, - / day 7 - 10 m: 195, - / day 10 - 13 m: 245, - / day 13 - 16 m: 315, - / day 16 - 20 m: 380, - / days 20 - 30 m: 550, - / day 30 - m: 780, - / day Incl. electricity, bath and internet.

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