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Harbour position DMS
55° 3' 4" N , 14° 46' 50" E
Harbour position DM
55° 3.06667' N , 14° 46.83333' E
Port position map
Arnager Harbor can only be accessed during the day - approached with caution from the southeast in bright and visible weather. Compass views can occur in the area. Note that heavy current in the case of poor visibility can be dangerous and it is recommended to call an alternative port. Arnager Rev is marked with a compass mark. The plot Blak 1,500 meters south of Sose Odde with stones of 1.5 m depth is marked with a yellow barrel. The flow in the breeding water rarely creates any problems. Note that the wind is often fresher on the reading side of Bornholm than on the luvside. There are bottom nets and other fishing tackle in the area. A shooting field off Raghammer Odde is marked by two boat sets on land.
Number of moorings
guest Place

Arnager harbor is located on Bornholm's southwest side - west of Rønne. Arnager harbor is a small fishing and marina with limited space for guest sailors - there are about 5 guest places in the harbor. The harbor, on the other hand, is the only port on Bornholm's southwest coast that can be accessed by keel boats. The harbor was built in 1884. A 185 meter long wooden bridge leads to land.

You will find good shopping, dining, cultural offerings and activities for the whole family in Rønne, located approximately 9 km from the harbor.

The nature around Arnager is characterized by beach, sea, hills, forest and marsh.


Arnager has its own herringhouse , which is clearly recommended to visit and dine in their restaurant. Of course, it is possible to buy freshly smoked fish.

Arnager on some of Bornholm's best sandy beaches, so if the weather is good, the beach is a safe hit. There is beach sand between 15-20 meters from the coast.

Arnager Jættestue is approximately 1 km away. The hunting lodge dates to the younger Stone Age. When the National Museum excavated the hunting room, some amber beads were found and about 15 skulls from people.

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Ports charge

All boats of whatever size cost 150 kroner per day, including electricity.

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