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Harbour position DMS
55° 15' 46" N , 9° 42' 32" E
Harbour position DM
55° 15.76667' N , 9° 42.53333' E
Port position map
Aarøsund Marina can be called around the clock. Be aware that the current can be strong and go across the port inlet. There are bottom nets and other fishing tackle in the area. Show consideration for ferry traffic. The fishing port is for short stays or if all places are utilized in the marina. Payment is made at the port office at the ferry terminal.
Number of moorings

Aarøsund Marina is located at the entrance to Haderslev Fjord and off the island of Aarø in the Little Belt. Aarøsund Marina is also known as the Pearl by the Little Belt .

From Aarøsund there is a ferry connection to the island of Aarø with M / F Aarø. There is a bus service to Haderslev, which offers many shops.

The nearest shopping is Gammelbro camping just over a kilometer from the harbor and at the campsite there is a large playground and indoor swimming pool and the harbor guests are welcome.

At the lighthouse, diesel can be refilled with the most used credit cards. There are also wastewater pump systems (toilet and slop)

Restaurant The fish house at the harbor has a slightly quirky menu composition, but ok if you are hungry.
Aarøsund Badehotel has rooms, goumet restaurant and inn and open all year:
Aarøsund Havne Grill & Café has the best ice cream in town and cafés and barbecue dishes are served in the square with a good view of the sound.

Årøsund Bådelaug has a home port in Aarøsund Marina.


Just south of the harbor is a German bunker from WW1. The bunker was part of the security position of the North Germans' defense line of 900 bunkers to prevent any English landing. Security position North extended across southern Jutland.

There are good path systems at the harbor that allow you to see nature at the same time as the sea is being touched

+45 74 58 48 63
Ports charge

2018: - 8 m: 130, - / day. 8 - 10 m: 140, - / day. 10 - 12 m: 160, - / day. 12 - 14 m: 180, - / day. 14 - 20 m: 270, - / day. 20 - m: 370, - / day.

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