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Harbour position DMS
38° 22' 40" N , 20° 32' 17" E
Harbour position DM
38° 22.66667' N , 20° 32.28333' E
Port position map
It is not recommended to enter the harbor when it is blowing heavily from the north. The seabed consists mainly of mud and seaweed.
Number of moorings

Asos is a western port of nature located on the island of Kefalonia. Founded under Venetian rule, Asos served as the administrative capital of northern Cephalonia from 1593 onwards. The island of Kefalonia offers rich natural life with hundreds of wild flower species, and over 60 different orchid species.

In the town is a very small pier in the north end of the bay, where you can add with stern to the pier. Alternatively, anchor can be anchored to the bottom of the bay with a land line. If the wind comes from the north, then the harbor is very troubled and it is not recommended to anchor up here.

There are several shops available for supply. The island offers very beautiful beaches, the best known is probably Myrtos, which is a postcard estimate.

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