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Harbour position DMS
55° 16' 3" N , 9° 53' 7" E
Harbour position DM
55° 16.05000' N , 9° 53.11667' E
Port position map
Assens Marina can be called around the clock. The entrance to the harbor is from the north. Head north around the north mark on Assens Rev, and then follow the harbor's bays into course 171.5 °. There may be unrest in the harbor due to strong northern winds. Fishing tackle and bottom nets occur in the area. There is a speed limit of 4 knots in the harbor basin, and consideration must be given to ferry traffic.
Number of moorings
guest Place

Assens Marina is located on the west side of Funen in the Little Belt. The city of Assen is old and offers many special and distinctive houses.

Assens Marina is a modern marina that offers almost everything within facilities. At the marina office a payment machine is set up where as a guest sailor you can pay a port money and get a ticket printed for 1 day at a time. The vending machine also issues free admission tickets to the toilet building and environmental station. However, a deposit of DKK 30 must be paid for the admission card. The marina washer / dryer is also paid for with money deposited on the admission card. Deposit and unused amount will be refunded when the card is returned in the vending machine.

At the playground at the northern end of the marina, between bridges B and C and at the southern end between bridges F and G you will find barbecue areas with shelters and tables.

A city bus runs regularly between the marina marina and the city of Assen.


Assens has a cultural center called Tobaksgården - here there is a cinema, exhibitions, café and concert hall. Don't cheat yourself for one of the many experiences the Tobaksgården has to offer.

If you want to move around a bit, a bike ride to the nearby old fishing community Torøhuse on the island of Torø can be an experience. Bicycles can be borrowed at the Marina.

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Ports charge

2016: Pr. 24 hours incl. electricity and water consumption - Boats from 0 to 10 meters DKK 140, - Boats from 10 to 12 meters DKK 170, - Boats over 12 meters DKK 215, -

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