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Harbour position DMS
55° 17' 49" N , 9° 48' 15" E
Harbour position DM
55° 17.81667' N , 9° 48.25000' E
Port position map
The port can be accessed around the clock. Baagø harbor is not illuminated, but two light fixtures at the ferry berth lead over 307 degrees in the harbor entrance. Depth of entry 3.0 meters and in port 3.0-2.5 meters. From Bågø SW decoration, a garden, the Sandhammer, shoots approx. 0.6 cm towards SE; until approx. 0.4 cm from the embankment, the depth is less than 2 m, but increases from there to 4 m. Smaller ships coming NW-from through the lighthouse, S stands about Sandhammer and then adjusts the harbor from SE on a NW-like course. Smaller ships arriving S-off pass E on the green tip barrel on the SE side of the Årø Flak and keep N-like course until the harbor can be navigated on NW-like course. Show consideration for the ferry traffic from Assens. Two mooring buoys have been laid in the bay at the harbor, where one is fine by northern winds.
Number of moorings

Baagø is a small island located in the Little Belt about half an hour sailing from Assens. Baagø can be windy and at times have a harsh climate in winter, but an idyllic island when spring announces its coming.
There is plenty of nature that can give peace and harmony to the nature lover, who can easily get several days to go on Baagø.

The port of Baagø has been renovated, and the port has been given a new pier to the south as well as an increased number of port sites. It is possible to borrow bicycles for 20 kroner, so you can cycle around the island.

There is a small kiosk / snack bar in the harbor where you can buy a limited selection of groceries and several of the farms on the island sell various agricultural products. Please note that breakfast bread must be ordered the day before before. 18 in the kiosk.

There is a ferry to Assens.


There is a nice bathing beach right next to the harbor.

At the northern tip of the island is a burial mound. The island has previously had many burial mounds, but unfortunately they have been wiped out over time.

The island has a rich bird life and there are several birdhouses set up from which to observe the birds. Among other things, it is possible to experience fishing herds, wakes and gray goose.

Baagø also has a Russian Orthodox Monastery and a small Russian Orthodox Church (Church of the Holy Royal Russian Martyrs), one of the four that is in Denmark. The church can be visited when it is open.

+45 64 71 25 19
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