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Harbour position DMS
54° 45' 6" N , 10° 40' 22" E
Harbour position DM
54° 45.10000' N , 10° 40.36667' E
Port position map
Bagenkop harbor can be accessed around the clock. The harbor is illuminated. About 0.4 miles west-northwest of the harbor at the southern tip of the 4.1 meter pull, a red light barrel has been displayed showing red group flash. About 0.4 cm north of the harbor a yellow mooring barrel has been laid. In addition, the port's two lighthouses lead in course 102.3 °. Consideration must be given to commercial and ferry traffic in the area. There are some bottom nets and other fishing tackle in the area that sometimes stand up to 1 mile off the coast. There is a speed limit of 3 knots in the harbor basin.
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Bagenkop harbor is located on Langeland's southwest side. The harbor is a combined fishing, ferry and marina.

In July, the sun sets every evening from the 10-meter-high view tower, which stands between the old ferry port and the marina. There is live music at the harbor's outdoor scene every Wednesday during the summer season.

The harbor's bath and toilet facilities are locked with a password provided when payment of port money or by contacting the port staff. There are vending machines in the bathrooms for use with a smart card. The chip card is pulled into the vending machine at the port office. The card costs 30 kroner in deposit and must fill up with a number of kroner. Bath costs 2 kroner per minute.

In the service building there is a sailing kitchen that can be used freely when you have paid port money. At the port office you have the opportunity to wash and dry clothes for free, you just have to bring soap and fabric softener yourself. It is also possible to borrow a bicycle for free, just contact the port office.

Bakekop Bådelaug has a home port in Bagenkop harbor.


Fakkebjerg is a detached 37 meter high hilltop. From the hilltop there is a fantastic view and in clear weather you can look to Germany. There used to be a lighthouse on the site.

The Cold War Museum Langelandsfort is located in Bagenkop. The Cold War Museum Langelandsfort provides a unique opportunity to gain insight into the tensions that existed between East and West - where communism / capitalism, Warzawa pact / NATO, balance of power and arms race were everyday topics of conversation. The museum also offers fighter jets and the Danish U-boat jumper, which was in active service until 2004. It costs 85 kroner for adults in the entrance, while children under 18 enter the museum for free.

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Ports charge

2020: 0 - 7.9 m: 140, - / day 8 - 9.9 m: 160, - / day 10 - 11.9 m: 180, - / day 12 - 14.9 m: 205, - / day 15 - 19.9 m: 230, - / day Over 20 m: 405, - / day The 4th day is free. Multi-forest boats: The tariff higher than the length. Bath 2, - / min.

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