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Harbour position DMS
55° 45' 23" N , 12° 54' 13" E
Harbour position DM
55° 45.38333' N , 12° 54.21667' E
Port position map
Barsebäckshamn can be called at around the clock. Two lighthouses seen above lead into course 088 °. The channel until the harbor is marked with red and green candlesticks. Carefully respect the marked channel as there is shallow water and rocks outside it. There is a speed limit of 3 knots in the harbor basin.

Barsebäckshamn is located approximately 7 nautical miles north of Malmö. The harbor is a charming little fishing and marina.

There is a harbor kiosk, and you can order breakfast for the next day. The kiosk has only the most basic, if you want a larger selection, there is a larger kiosk at the campsite BarsebäckStrand, which is located about 2.5 kilometers from the harbor. It is also possible during the summer season to take a free bus to Center Syd Köpscentra, which has many different shops.

The harbor has free bike rental if you want to get around the area. There are 4 barbecue areas in the harbor area, and these may be used by guest sailors.


The former Barsebäck nuclear power plant is located approximately 2 kilometers from the port. Barsebäck stopped their last reactor Barsebäck 2 in May 2005.

There is a good beach right by the harbor.

+46 046 77 59 55
Ports charge

Boats up to 11 meters in length cost 150 Swedish kroner per day. Boats between 10-12 meters in length cost 180 Swedish kroner per day. Boats between 12-14 meters in length cost 240 Swedish kroner per day. Boats over 14 meters in length cost 300 Swedish kroner per day.

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