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Harbour position DMS
56° 26' 4" N , 12° 50' 34" E
Harbour position DM
56° 26.06667' N , 12° 50.56667' E
Port position map
The pier heads at the harbor are illuminated, and red overeat lighthouses lead into a course of 219 degrees. The channel to the harbor has to sand, but it should be 3.3 meters deep. Max 3 knots in the harbor basin. Mooring is done at Y-booms, poles or along the bridge. If the sign at the square is green, the space is free.
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Båstad harbor is located in northwestern Scania on the Bjäre Peninsula. Båstad harbor offers something for everyone - big and small. During the summer months, there are various activities, such as tennis tournaments, festivals and sailing events.

In the port area there are a wealth of restaurants and cafes in different price levels. The noise level in the port area must be attenuated after 22.00.


Halland Väderö is just 5 minutes' boat ride from Båstad Harbor. The island offers fantastic nature experiences. If you want to walk around the island, it takes a couple of hours. From the cliffs and the stand you can swim in crystal clear water. During the summer there is a small museum and a café.

A few hundred meters from Båstad harbor you will find the Swedish Tennis Museum . The museum is located by Maria Torget, and here you will find tennis equipment from a bygone era.

Gulstad is the name of a good playground for the children - it is a stone's throw from the harbor.

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Ports charge

2020 :

Boat width Price

Less than 2.79 meters 190 Swedish kroner

2.8-3.79 meters 225 Swedish kroner

3.8-4.19 meters 290 Swedish kroner

4.2-4.79 meters 370 Swedish kroner

4.8-5.39 meters 610 Swedish kroner

Larger than 5.40 meters 950 Swedish kroner

The port fee must be paid no later than two hours after arrival.

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