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Harbour position DMS
55° 22' 11" N , 12° 24' 57" E
Harbour position DM
55° 22.18333' N , 12° 24.95000' E
Port position map
The harbor can be accessed around the clock in bright and visible weather. The harbor is deepened every spring as it sands until winter. So caution should be exercised if the boat sticks deep. Boats at 216 degrees show the entrance to the harbor. In 2020, the depth of entry is 2.2 meters. It is also important that you always go to the buoy at the entrance, as there are a few large stones. After the incline buoy, the two triangles must be landed together until you reach the entrance. At low tide, then, walk closer to the green buoy than the red buoy.
Number of moorings

The beech forest harbor is a cozy harbor with nature, bath, playground and campfire. The beech forest also has a lovely beach. There are a number of fishermen and leisure fishermen in the harbor. It is recommended to dine at the delicious restaurant just to the right of the harbor of Bøge Forest. However, it is only open from 12-16.

+45 22 53 86 42
Ports charge

2020: - 10 m: 100, - year. Day. 10 - 15 m: 120, - pr. Day. 15 - m: 150, - pr. Day. Electricity: 30, - per. Day. Bike rental: 30, - pr. day. Bath: 10, - coins.

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