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Harbour position DMS
55° 6' 22" N , 10° 5' 46" E
Harbour position DM
55° 6.36667' N , 10° 5.76667' E
Port position map
The buoy bridge can be used around the clock in bright and visible weather. The bridge is not illuminated, but has two light fixtures on the bridge above, leading from NNE. ENE straight winds provide up to 1.0 m high tide and WSW straight winds up to 1.0 m low tide. There are fishing tackle in and around the harbor.
Number of moorings

Small jetty mainly for fishermen and guest sailors. The facilities are few, but there is a campsite 450 meters from the harbor where you can buy supplies.

Horne Round Church is a well-preserved round church, one of Denmark's 7 round churches, and is within walking distance of Bøjden Bro.

The church was built as a round church by Valdemar the Great and has since added two wings.

+45 62 60 10 76
Ports charge

2020: 70, - / day

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