Dragør Lystbådehavn

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Harbour position DMS
55° 35' 27" N , 12° 40' 45" E
Harbour position DM
55° 35.45000' N , 12° 40.75000' E
Port position map
Dragør Marina can be called around the clock. Two red and two green sticks with top designation lead in through a dug. The marking must be strictly respected as sanding occurs. The marking in the harbor itself must also be followed as there is low depth. The marina's pier is lit from 1 April to 15 November. There is a speed limit of 3 knots in the harbor basin.
Number of moorings

Dragør Marina is located in the southeastern part of Amager - close to Copenhagen Airport . Dragør is a beautiful charming harbor town. Dragør has many well-preserved historic buildings, and the old part of town consists of idyllic cobbled streets with yellow-painted houses and red brick roofs. Most of the buildings are from the 18th and 19th centuries. Great to walk between the old houses where the cars cannot come.

The Port Office is located between the marina and the old port. Here it is possible to buy a chip card, it costs 50 kroner in deposit, giving access to bath and toilet facilities. The card is also used for the electrical stands on the bridges.

There are several places set up tables and benches as well as barbecues that may be used by guest sailors. Try the delicious Nam-Nam ice cream, where they make the waffles themselves. In addition, Café Dragør Sailing Club at Nordre Mole is highly recommended.

Dragør Sailing Club and Dragør Boat Boat have a home port in Dragør harbor.


The pilot tower and the pilot museum are an obvious attraction. Pilots and Dragør are almost identical. The story of Dragør Lodseri is hundreds of years old. Dragør Lodseri became Denmark's first royal privileged pilotage in 1684 by King Christian V. With the geographical position that Dragør has in relation to the entrance to the Sound, the pilotage has been of great importance in Dragør. Today, the chapter of independent Dragør pilotes is at long last, but still you can experience the old pilot tower in the old port, which is also the city's landmark.

The Dragør Museum is housed in one of Dragør's oldest houses on the harbor. The museum exhibit shows a large collection of ship models, ship portraits, interiors from the city's old skipper houses and a fine collection of amateur stitches. On the first floor is an exhibition on Dragør's distinctive history: Hanseatic times, shipping, piloting, fishing, goose breeding, hijacking and quirky things and cases from distant lands brought home by centuries of city sailors.

Dragør Fort was built between 1910 and 1915 on an artificial island about 400 meters from the coast, right next to the marina. One of the fort's many tasks was to prevent a hostile bombing of Copenhagen. Today the fort is in private ownership, however, you can come up and enjoy the view from the fort. In summer, there is a restaurant by the fort.

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Ports charge

2019: - 10 m: 160, - / day. 10 - 15 m: 185, - / day. 15 - m: 330, - / day. Electricity: 2.70 pr. started kwh. Discount cards can be purchased for 10 days: - 10 m: 1265, - / 10 days. 10 - 15 m: 1465, - / 10 days. 15 - m: 2640, - / 10 days.

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