Dronningborg Lystbådehavn

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Harbour position DMS
56° 28' 1" N , 10° 4' 54" E
Harbour position DM
56° 28.01667' N , 10° 4.90000' E
Port position map
Dronningborg harbor can be used around the clock in bright and visible weather. The harbor and the entrance are not illuminated. Randers Fjord has tides, so the current flows alternately in and out fairly regularly, but is influenced by the wind. Driving and sailing of Randers Fjord
Number of moorings

Dronningborg Marina is located at Dronningborg Bredning in Randers Fjord - about 3 km from Randers town. There are good bus connections from the harbor to Randers Midtby. The harbor clubhouse and facilities can of course be used by guest sailors.

Dronningborg Bådelaug has a home port in Dronningborg Marina.


Visit Randers Rainforest - Randers Rainforest is a tropical zoo where you can explore. The rainforest has about 350 different plant species and over 175 different animal species, many of which roam freely in the three artificial habitats: the African, the Asian and the South American. There is also a snake terrarium called the Snake Garden as well as an aquarium.

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