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Harbour position DMS
37° 26' 32" N , 24° 56' 38" E
Harbour position DM
37° 26.53333' N , 24° 56.63333' E
Port position map
Please note that there is a lively ferry traffic in and out of the harbor. There are no moorings laid out in the harbor, so go in with the bow or stern towards the dock and use the boat anchor. The harbor provides good shelter for the Meltemien. Blowing it from a south-easterly direction can be quite uncomfortable lying in the harbor.

Ermoúpolis is considered the capital of the archipelago of the Cyclades. In terms of population there are approximately 35,000 people living on the island. The buildings around the harbor testify that the harbor and the city were once a major cultural and commercial center. In fact, the port of 1900 was both bigger and more important than the port city of Piraeus near Athens. The architecture of the buildings testifies to the Venetian period, and here it is just beautiful.

There is electricity and water on the dock. If you need to refuel, it is worthwhile to settle in the western part of the harbor, where there is a gas station. Otherwise, fuel can be delivered with a mini tanker at the dock, ordered via VHF channel 8 or by telephone +31 22810 2384. If you have to supply, there are plenty of options in town. There is a market where there is ample opportunity to buy fruits, vegetables, honey, cheese and local specialties. Possibility to rent a car if

There are ferries to Piraeus, Crete and Samos from Ermoúpolis.


On Miaouli Square is the Town Hall of Ermoúpolis, an impressive neoclassical building built in 1876-1896 under Ernest Ziller's leadership. The building consists mostly of marble and has many fine details - and is reportedly one of the most beautiful buildings in all of Greece. Inside the building is the city's archaeological museum.

Port authorities can be called on VHF channel 12.
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