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Harbour position DMS
55° 12' 48" N , 12° 9' 36" E
Harbour position DM
55° 12.80000' N , 12° 9.60000' E
Port position map
Stays and moorings in the traffic port are reserved for commercial traffic. In the traffic port, it is associated with a high risk of boarding to moor smaller vessels without prior permission. Pleasure vessels are referred to the fishing and marina. The entrance to the fishing and yacht harbor is through the traffic harbor. To the port leads an approx. 1000 m long channel with a bottom width of 25 m. The depth in the channel is 4 m and in the traffic port up to 4 m. In the fishing and marina up to 3.0 m.
Number of moorings

Faxe Ladeplads is today first and foremost a port city with both an industrial port, a fishing and a marina. It is surrounded by a nature characterized by forest and beach, and especially Dyrehaven and Feddet west of the city are very attractive nature areas. The zoo is characterized by old oaks and two burial mounds, "Troldhøje". The forest extends all the way to the coast, where a steep cliff forms the border to Faxe Bay with wide views to Feddet, Jungshoved and Møn.

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Ports charge

2018: 0 - 8 m DKK 130, - pr. day 8 - 12 m - DKK 150, - pr. day over 12 m - DKK 180, - pr. days Prices are incl. Sub-task consumption.

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