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Harbour position DMS
55° 3' 35" N , 10° 22' 50" E
Harbour position DM
55° 3.58333' N , 10° 22.83333' E
Port position map
The port can only be navigated during the day through a narrow and crooked race. From the red light barrel on the SE side of the ground Bremerhage, the race is followed N-over between the stakes until the green light barrel on the SW side of the ground Langelår, where the race continues NE-over between the stakes. The entrance to the harbor is marked by two light barrels and nine stays. The lighthouses in Nakkebølle Fjord were laid out in the period 1.4-15.11. The remainder of the year, the light barrels will be replaced with candles without a top designation.
Number of moorings

The mountain bridge was built as a shipping point in 1764 by the owner Rødkilde's owner. The goods, in addition to the shopping towns, had the right to trade. The productive traffic with goods such as cattle, cereals and wood was easier over water than over land. Around the shipping bridge grew a town that in the mid-1800s lived off fishing, shipping, shipbuilding and shipping. Timber was shipped from the nearby forests and the site had its own sailing fleet, customs office, engine factory, boatbuilding, inn and bakery. The inn still exists with its original decor.

It is possible to borrow a bike if you need to shop in the nearest utility, which is located in Ulbølle about 3 kilometers from the harbor. The bikes are located at the game shed, which is centrally located on the harbor. Breakfast can be ordered at the kiosk, but first picked up around 9.30.

Fjellebroen Sailing Club has a home port in Fjellebroen.


Rødkilde is an old Funen manor from 1314, beautifully situated between Fåborg and Svendborg. The name of the estate is due to the ferrous source in the estate's gardens and fields. Also included is a mill.

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Ports charge

2018: Boats under 9 meters in length cost 100 kroner a day. Both over 9 meters cost 130 kroner a day .. Bath 5, - / 4 min. There is water and electricity on the bridges. You can pay with Mobilepay at 76209.

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