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Harbour position DMS
57° 25' 32" N , 10° 31' 48" E
Harbour position DM
57° 25.53333' N , 10° 31.80000' E
Port position map
Frederikshavn marina can be accessed around the clock. Both pier heads are illuminated. Green tip barrel (sb) and red butt barrel (bb) mark the entrance. Speed limitation in port and entry 3 kn. There is no tide, but in the island of Kulla there are low tide, and in the west wind high tide.
Number of moorings

Frederikshavn Marina is located about 1 kilometer from the center of Frederikshavn. The marina is located south of the commercial and ferry port, which must not be taken by pleasure boats. Frederikshavn was originally called Fladstrand, but changed its name in 1818. Today, the city of Vendsyssel is the second largest with 23,331 inhabitants.

You will find a wide selection of restaurants and pubs in Frederikshavn, as well as venues with live music. There are approximately 700 meters to the nearest supermarkets, there is an Aldi and a Rema1000. Restaurant Katfizk is located in the Marina. Katfizk is known for a delicious buffet.

There is free wireless internet throughout the harbor. Electricity, water and bath are also free. In the harbor's new clubhouse, the sailing room is open to guest sailors. Outside the clubhouse you will find a large family-friendly area with tables, benches, barbecue facilities and a brand new playground. The port also has bicycles that can be borrowed.

Frederikshavn Sailing Club has a home port in Frederikshavn Marina.


Powder Tower is a remnant of a fortification that was built in the 17th century. In addition to the function of storing gunpowder, the tower was also used as a platform for cannons. Originally, the Powder Tower lay freely on a nose projecting into the Kattegat. In 1974, it was decided to move the Powder Tower to its present location, as the tower was no longer in use. Today, the Powder Tower stands 270 meters from its original location. The relocation work took 13 months and the transport of the colossal building took place in one piece.

Bangsbo Museum is located in Bangsbo Hovedgård. Today, the buildings are designed for exhibition use. In the Maritime Department you see the unique Ellingå ship from 1163, ship models and engines as well as marine archeology. Ladegårdens northbound houses the Jutland Resistance Museum, which was inaugurated on May 4, 2000 after an extensive new exhibition. The main wing of the main building contains city and local history, as well as a common room and an auditorium, an empire hall and the hall of knights, which are used for changing special exhibitions.

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Ports charge

2018: - 12 m: 160, - / day. 12 - m: 210, - / day. Free port scheme: 50, - / day Electricity: 15, - / day Water and electricity are found on the bridges.

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