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Harbour position DMS
56° 48' 12" N , 9° 1' 14" E
Harbour position DM
56° 48.20000' N , 9° 1.23333' E
Port position map
Fur harbor can be accessed around the clock. The port's two mole lighthouses lead in. Be aware that there may be strong current across the port inlet when it is blowing heavily. The current usually follows the direction of the wind.
Number of moorings

Fur harbor is located on the south side of the island Fur, located in the Limfjord. The harbor serves as a combined fishing and marina. The harbor is relatively open to the south, and can therefore be somewhat unsettled by southern winds, as well as when boats making large waves pass close by.

Barbecue areas have been set up in the harbor area, which you can use freely. You can use the kitchenette in the service house for free.

At the Tourist Office right by the harbor you can rent bicycles and thus easily get around the island. It is also at the tourist office, you can get more information about special events on the island - there are many different during the summer.

There is a ferry to Branden on Salling - the crossing takes about 5 minutes.

Fur Boat Boat has a home port in Fur Harbor.


The Fur Museum shows a unique collection of 55 million year old fossils found in the mural. They tell about the exciting landscape of the Ice Age and the life of the people and the life from the Stone Age to the present day. In the museum courtyard is an exhibition from life on Fuur over the last 200 years. At the museum courtyard stands Tarris Mill, which is Denmark's last cloth sailor.

Lighthouse Bryghus and Restaurant Bryghuset are decorated in a red wooden building from 1926. Fur Bryghus produces approximately 400,000 liters of beer sold throughout the country. The Bryghuset has placed two anchor bucks off the Bryghuset for pleasure sailors with the special text: Fur Bryghus - parking for the pleasure of the sailors .

Weeks 26 through 31 include a guided tour every Tuesday and Thursday at 16:00. The tour costs NOK 85 per person.

+45 22 23 16 26
Ports charge

2020: - 10 m: 120, - / day. 10 - 12 m: 140, - / day. 12 - m: 160, - / day. Electricity: 3, - / kWh.

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