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Harbour position DMS
56° 7' 36" N , 12° 18' 42" E
Harbour position DM
56° 7.60000' N , 12° 18.70000' E
Port position map
Gilleleje Harbor can be called around the clock. Top rails have been laid, showing the gutter up to the harbor. The marking must be strictly respected as sanding occurs in the area. The port's mole lighthouse leads in, however, the lights can be difficult to separate from the city lights. There may be strong current in the area around the harbor entrance. There is a speed limit of 3 knots in the harbor basin.
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Gilleleje Harbor is located on the northernmost point of Zealand. Gilleleje is a fishing village where the town has grown up around the harbor. Gilleleje harbor is North Zealand's largest fishing port, and there are still more than 50 permanent fishing boats. The harbor still has a real fishing environment with the cutters, fishing nets hanging to dry and the smell of fish and tar. It is possible to buy fish directly from the fishermen when they come in.

Several of the harbor's warehouses have been transformed into cozy cafés and restaurants where you can enjoy the view of the harbor. There are also good shopping opportunities close to the harbor. During the summer season there are peat days on Thursdays and Saturdays that attract many people. In 2019, the port received a new service building at the harbor's east pier with good toilet and bathing conditions. Admission tickets to the building can be purchased at the ticket vending machines. The port code for the wireless network is provided on the paid port receipt.

Gilleleje Sailing Club has a home port in Gilleleje harbor.


Gilleleje Museum is a regional museum that exhibits from ancient times to the present. Among other things, there is an exciting exhibition about the escape of the Jews in October 1943, where many Jews were transported to Sweden from the port of Gilleleje.

Gilleleje church was built around 1538. The ceiling of the church saved Jews during World War II. The Jews were kept in the attic until they could be transported aboard the fishing boats in the harbor, and on to Sweden. Unfortunately, about 80 Jews were discovered in October 1943 by Gestapo, who had received a tip from a citizen.

Nice harbor with many restaurants nearby.

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Ports charge

The port fee is paid in the vending machines, where you can also buy admission tickets for the service building and electrical outlets. 2016: <= 2.45 m 150 kr. Per day. 2.46 - 3.45 m 180 kr. Per day. 3.46 - 4.45 m 200 kr. Per day. > 4.45 m 300 kr. Per day. Incl. electricity, water, toilets. Bath 10, - Diesel: 11.09.16: 8.95 / l.

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