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Harbour position DMS
56° 45' 49" N , 8° 51' 56" E
Harbour position DM
56° 45.81667' N , 8° 51.93333' E
Port position map
Glyngøre harbor can be accessed around the clock. Salling Sund is illuminated and you follow the white angle from Glyngøre lighthouse. At the harbor, the left mole arm is illuminated with a green guy. The power in Salling Sund changes approximately every 6 hours. If the weather is calm, you can enter the harbor. If strong winds blow, currents can run at 2 knots and attention must be paid when entering the port. There is a speed limit of 3 knots in the harbor basin.
Number of moorings

Glyngøre Harbor is located at Salling Sund in the Limfjord. The harbor was founded in 1872. The harbor is a combined fishing and marina, but it is recommended to use the marina if you are a guest sailor.

Toilets and baths can be found in the clubhouse. You are welcome to use the clubhouse's other facilities. Free Wi-Fi is available in the harbor for guest sailors. The internet is called Glyngore 1 and the password is obtained by contacting the port manager.

Sallingsund Sailing Club has a home port in Glyngøre harbor.


Glyngøre Museum has a larger exhibition about fishing in the Limfjord. The exhibition shows the development in the fishing industry on the Limfjord from landslides to industrial fishing. In addition, the museum has an exhibition on railways, signal lights and train benches. It costs DKK 25 for adults in the entrance - children come in for free.

Jesperhus Flower Park offers experiences for the whole family. The flower park is with its 8 hectares Northern Europe's largest flower park. Discover the park with flowers, the animals in the Jungle Zoo, the excitement of pirate land and the wild western land. See, feel and feel a true inferno of colors and sculptures. There are many opportunities in the flower park, where there is also a large water park.

Glyngøre Church is Sallings youngest church. The church was designed by architect Charles Jensen of Brønderslev, and was inaugurated April 13, 1919. A little northwest of the church stands a memorial stone to the local sailors who lost their lives at sea during World War II.

+45 40 82 91 25
Ports charge

2018: All boats: DKK 120 / day Free port 60 DKK / day. The port fee includes bathroom, electricity and internet. The port money is paid using envelopes that are placed in the mailbox or charged by the boats. Envelopes can be found at the bulletin board in the clubhouse. Bath in the clubhouse is free, but there is only one! There is another bath at the harbor, it costs 20, - per. bath.

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