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Harbour position DMS
55° 14' 54" N , 9° 29' 56" E
Harbour position DM
55° 14.90000' N , 9° 29.93333' E
Port position map
Haderslev harbor can be used around the clock in bright and visible weather. Wind and current conditions must be taken into account in Årø Sund. In Haderslev Fjord itself, there is no significant current in calm weather, with the exception of the river's outlet at the bottom of the harbor. The entrance to the harbor is via a dug that is between 3 and 6 meters deep. The sail is marked with red and green top sticks. Note that marking must be respected as there are stones outside the gutter. Bottom nets and other fishing tackle can be found all the way to the entrance to the gutter. There is a speed limit of 3 knots in the harbor basin.
Number of moorings
guest Place

Haderslev harbor has 3 ports operators: Haderslev Municipality which operates Haderslev Marina North on the north side of the harbor, Haderslev sailing association which is at the far end of the harbor on the south side and Haderslev Sejl-Club which is also on the south side. Haderslev Marina North:, Address: By Havnen, 6100 Haderslev, 74 58 48 63 Haderslev Sailing Association:, facebook: haderslevsejlforening Address: Sydhavnsvej 1A, 6100 Haderslev. Facilities: Bath, Gasoline 300 meters, Diesel, Electricity, Gas, Barbecue, Heart Start, Kiosk / BBQ Bar, Clubhouse, Playground, Mast crane, Environmental Station, Dishwasher, several Restaurants among others. sushi, sailor, supermarket, toilet, tumble dryer, water, laundry, workshop Boat crane up to 10 tons, info screen with bla. weather forecast, Dankort / visa, payment of diesel, self service. Harbor money is paid in the vending machine in the association building. Here you will also find brochures from Haderslev tourist office and other information about experiences in and around Haderslev. With us everything is incl. that is, electricity, water and bath are included in the port money Toilets and bathrooms are in the west gable of the clubhouse, and they are open using code that is on payment voucher from the port money machine. There are several cozy barbecue areas along the harbor, and a covered terrace (resort in shelter) where food can be enjoyed at the large round table. There is a terrace of 1 floor height with a beautiful view over the whole harbor where tables and benches are set up. There is a powerful hotspot at the port which is free, username and code are also on the voucher from the vending machine. Both TV and other data demanding tasks can then be seen. There are off road Diesel sales at HSF. The port control comes between 18-20 Haderslev Sejl-Club:, Address: Sydhavnsvej 1F, 6100 Haderslev. Attractions Haderslev Cathedral, also known as Our Lady Church, is located at the highest point of the city. The church has a total of 18 chandeliers, the two oldest being from 1605 and 1655 respectively. Formerly the cathedral also had a church tower, but it crashed by a fire in 1627. The last few years the port has undergone a change from the commercial harbor to the cultural harbor and has some new architecture to showcase. The new streetdome must be highlighted here, which is definitely worth a visit. The Haderslev dam is located west of Haderslev town, the lake is also South Jutland's largest, and is ideal for a walk. There is a rich bird life around the lake.

Ports charge

Haderslev Marina North 2018: - 7 m: 120, - / day 7 - 10 m: 130, - / day 10 - 12 m: 160, - / day 12 - 14 m: 190, - / day 14 - 16 m: 280 , - / day 16 - m: 365, - / day Payment of port money for guest sailors and purchase of smart cards for electric stands, bath and toilet building on Gasværksvej takes place at Billetautomat on Honnørkajen (card payment only) Haderslev Sailing Association 2018: - 32 feet: 120, - / Day. 32 - 39 feet: 140, - / day 39 - foot: 160, - / day. Weekly tickets for 7 consecutive days cost 5 times the daily price Incl. electric water and bath Haderslev Sailing Club 2018: - 10 m: 130, - / day. 10 - 12 m: 140, - / day. 12 - m: 160, - / day.

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