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Harbour position DMS
55° 45' 15" N , 11° 19' 28" E
Harbour position DM
55° 45.25000' N , 11° 19.46667' E
Port position map
The port of Havnsø can be called around the clock. The port angular lighthouse shows into the white angle. The entrance is not further marked. Show consideration for ferry traffic.
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The port of Havnsø is located in the southern part of the Bay of Nekselob in North-West Zealand. The harbor is a combined fishing and marina. The harbor was only a small fishing village only in the last century, later came the first pier and a jetty where among other things the ferry to Sejerø added. Today, the harbor is a combined fishing, ferry and marina. Guest sailors can position themselves along the piers in the inner basin or in free spaces.

The area around the harbor is a large cottage area, so there is life in the summer. In the port area itself there is a grocery store where you can supply. There is a café where you can dine.

Havnsø Sailing Club has a home port in Havnsø Harbor.


Dragsholm Castle is located about 5 kilometers east of the harbor. The castle is one of Denmark's oldest castles. The name Dragsholm means the islet by the kite , where the kite denotes the seaweed that connected Odsherred with the rest of Zealand, before the containment of the Lammefjord. Since the 13th century, the islet has been the basis for a Dragsholm Castle - from the original palace across the castle to the present Baroque castle. Guided tours of the castle are available throughout the year.

Havnsø hus offers a large playground and small rabbits and dwarf goats - an obvious option if you have children with you. Ice cream, pancakes and hot dogs are also available on site. Havnsø hus is open every day from 11-22.00 in the period July 1st to August 16th.

From Havnsø harbor, ferries go to both Nekselø and Sejerø, both of which are worth a visit.

+45 51 21 30 64
Ports charge

2018: - 6 m: 130, - / day. 6 - 9 m: 140, - / day. 9 - 11 m: 150, - / day. In addition, 10 kroner per begun meter. The Free Port Scheme:? Electricity costs 10 kroner a day and is found on all bridges. Diesel: 17.09.16: 9.50 / l.

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