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Harbour position DMS
55° 51' 25" N , 9° 52' 30" E
Harbour position DM
55° 51.41667' N , 9° 52.50000' E
Port position map
Horsens harbor can be accessed around the clock.
Number of moorings

Horsens harbor is located at the heart of Horsens Fjord.

A common service building has been made for everyone with a bath, toilet, kitchen and laundry. Access cards are required to access the building, the card can be purchased from the port manager or the boat shop at the harbor. The price is DKK 20 which is either refunded on departure or you can keep the card until the next time you come to Horsens.


The Danish Industrial Museum is located in Horsens. Explore the museum's many exhibits - there is definitely something for everyone. The museum's field of work formally includes production, living conditions and financial development after 1850. It is open daily from 11-16.00.

20 80 13 38
Ports charge

2018: 0 - 12 m: 125, - pr. Day. 12 - m: 220, - pr. Day. Free port: 25, - per day. Payment of port money is made in the service building during business hours or at the port guard, who comes around the bridges at approximately 9:00. diesel; 09.07.16: 10.00.

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