Kaløvig Lystbådehavn

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Harbour position DMS
56° 14' 37" N , 10° 20' 27" E
Harbour position DM
56° 14.61667' N , 10° 20.45000' E
Port position map
Calvary can be called around the clock. During the day, the Studstrup Works 200 meters high chimney. At night, there are many illuminated buoys leading to the port's two mole lighthouse and the power plant. Sailing is allowed in the specially marked area between Egå and Skødshoved Flak, where there is ammunition from World War II, but anchoring and fishing are prohibited. A marked trench leads through the field (13 m trench for transporting coal). There is a speed limit of 3 knots in the harbor basin.
Number of moorings

Kaløvig Marina is located in the Bay of Aarhus and is next door to the Studstrup electric power plant. Kaløvig Marina has everything the sailing heart desires.

Kaløvig Boat Harbor is much more than just a port. In the middle of the maritime environment are the beautiful wooden houses, which together with Restaurant SalonSalon, under the works, with conference center, team building, match race and everything else creates a very special environment. There are two toilet buildings - one on the island and one west of the rig quay. Bath and toilet can be found in the location of the restaurant. A bus leaves to Aarhus city center near the harbor. Unfortunately, the shopping facilities in the harbor are not great. However, there are city bikes for free use.

Kaløvig is home to a TEAM Denmark center in sailing, and here is the natural activity of young sailors.

Kaløvig Bådelaug has a home port in Kaløvig Marina.

http://kblvejr.dk/ "> Webcam and weather station online


The area invites you for long walks by forest and beach.

+45 22 19 54 21
Ports charge

2019: - 10 m: 120, - / day. 10 - m: 150, - / day. Free port scheme: 25, - / day. Baths, washers and dryers are payable with port cards purchased in cash loader.

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