Kerteminde Havn og Marina

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Harbour position DMS
55° 27' 12" N , 10° 39' 59" E
Harbour position DM
55° 27.20000' N , 10° 39.98333' E
Port position map
Kerteminde Marina can be called around the clock. The entrance to the marina is marked with two green and one red mole lighthouse. There may be strong current in the harbor. The power changes approximately every 6 hours. There is a speed limit of 3 knots in the harbor basin. Sailors are welcome both in the Harbor and the Marina.
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Kerteminde Marina is located on the east side of Funen - about 12 miles north of the Great Belt Bridge. The marina is one of Denmark's largest ports, and there are good modern facilities. The town of Kerteminde itself is an old market town, and the city's buildings still have this mark.

The marina has a delicious promenade that is incredibly popular in the summer. Along the promenade are booths with tables, benches and barbecue areas for free use. This is also where you find the harbor playground. There are several shopping, restaurants and equipment stores in the area around the harbor.

Kerteminde Sailing Club has a home port in Kerteminde Marina.


The Fjord & Belt Museum is a combined research and experience center. The exhibits at the museum all deal with the marvelous world of the sea. The themes, animals and fish are all from native Danish waters.

The Fjord & Belt Museum

The Viking Museum Ladby offers a ship's tomb of an old Viking ship. The ship was a barely 22 meters long and almost 3 meters wide rosewater with sail. More than 600 objects or fragments of objects were found in the ship's tomb when it was excavated in 1935. The museum also offers a more general exhibition about Vikings and the Viking Age.

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Ports charge

2018: Both up to 7 meters in length cost 130 DKK per day. Both between 7-10 meters in length cost 140 kroner per day. Both between 10-15 meters in length cost 150 kroner per day. Both over 15 meters in length cost 200 kroner per day. Pay for 2 days and stay for 3 days. Bath: 2, - / min. Electricity: 15, - / day Diesel: 05.08.16: 10.30 / l

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