Kignæs Lystbådehavn

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Harbour position DMS
55° 51' 25" N , 12° 0' 33" E
Harbour position DM
55° 51.41667' N , 12° 0.55000' E
Port position map
The Port of Kignæs can be accessed around the clock, but only in bright and visible weather. Coming from the south, the harbor can only be reached during normal opening hours for Crown Prince Frederiks Bro at Frederikssund. The entrance to the Isefjord is illuminated at Hundested, and lighthouse lines and lighthouses show the most important races to and through the northernmost part of Roskilde Fjord. From the red barrel at position 55 ° 52.26 'N, 12 ° 01.81' E west of Earth, showing the entrance to the dug trench to Frederikssund, is directed directly towards the green diet at position 55 ° 51.78 'N , 12 ° 01.12 'E, marking the dug trench to Kignæs Harbor on course 218 °. A pushing buoy is laid 100 meters northeast of the gate to the gutter - in the extension of the Båkelini at the position 55 ° 51.81 'N, 12 ° 01.18' E. The 800 m long and approximately 10 meters wide dug from the 2 meter curve is marked of green and red piles during the period April 1 - November 15. The marking must be strictly respected. At drafts above 1.6 meters, the harbor should be approached with caution due to possible sanding. The harbor piers are illuminated all year round. The current in Roskilde Fjord changes every 6 hours. Power is unimportant in calm weather - blowing can disrupt the regular shift. In coal, the current can set up to 3 knots through narrow runs. There are bottom nets and other fishing tackle in the area.
Number of moorings

Kignæs Harbor is a cozy and very beautifully situated marina in Neder Dråby at the Jægerspris. The harbor is off to Roskilde Fjord at the junction a little north of Crown Prince Frederiks Bro, which connects Frederikssund with Horns Herred.

A bus leaves for Frederikssund just outside the harbor. From Frederikssund you can get on the S-train.

The Hunters Prize Sailing Club and the Boat Charter Kignæs Mole have a home port in Kignæs Harbor.


Selsø Castle is definitely worth a visit. The castle has one of Denmark's finest knights' halls. The Knights Hall has a magnificent stucco ceiling, marbled panels at 4 meters high, impressive paintings and 2 very large Versailles mirrors. Especially the mirrors are considered among Denmark's finest 18th century furniture. The castle organizes treasure hunts for children and childish souls, where you can discover the whole castle. During the summer period, classical concerts are held in the Knights' Hall.

+45 47 53 24 69
Ports charge

2018: 140, - / day. Free port scheme: 25, - / day. Bath: 10, -. In envelope at the clubhouse or MobilePay 51572.

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