København Syd - Kalveboderne

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Harbour position DMS
55° 38' 17" N , 12° 32' 37" E
Harbour position DM
55° 38.28333' N , 12° 32.61667' E
Port position map
Copenhagen - The calf stalls can be called at around the clock. The harbor is called at by Kalvebodløbet from Køge Bay. To enter the harbor, the boat with mast must not be higher than 16 meters, as this is the passage height on the Avedøre Bridge. You can also call at the harbor from Copenhagen's inner harbor, but then the boat's height must not be higher than 6 meters at Slusen. The channel is well marked throughout the race.
Number of moorings

Copenhagen - Kalveboderne is located in Copenhagen's South Harbor. The harbor is calm in all wind conditions.

The market tender can be found in the clubhouse, and small dishes and drinks are served here.

S / F Mellemfortet , Sejlforeningen SYD , Bådklubben Molen , Sammenklubben Sjællandsbroen , Sejlklubben Tokosten and Kalvebod Bådelaug have their home port in Copenhagen - Kalveboderne.


Kalveboderne is a nice larger green area that invites for walks and nature experiences. You will also find a rich bird life in the area.

Ports charge

Boats up to 9 meters in length cost 60 kroner per day. Boats over 9 meters in length cost 80 kroner per day. Electricity costs 20 kroner per day.

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