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Harbour position DMS
55° 54' 38" N , 10° 38' 30" E
Harbour position DM
55° 54.63333' N , 10° 38.50000' E
Port position map
Langør harbor can only be accessed during the day in bright and visible weather. The harbor is not illuminated. There are bottom nets and other fishing tackle in the area.
Number of moorings

Langør harbor is located on the northeast side of Samsø in Stavns fjord. The area is incredibly beautiful and offers a rich bird life. The harbor is well-visited in the summer and it can sometimes be difficult to find a place.

Fresh breakfast bread can be ordered at the port office or online for the following day. Washer and dryer are provided in the ladies toilet. There is a smokehouse that is open every day during the summer period until the end of August.


Stavns Fjord has a rich animal and bird life. Stavns Fjord forms the transition between Samsø's northern and southern parts. The shallow Stavns Fjord is characterized by the many grassy and scrub-covered islets. Samsø was originally divided into two islands, but deposits in Stavns Fjord have once again linked these two islands. There are nice hiking routes in the area.

+45 86 59 63 15
Ports charge

Both under 10 meters in length cost 130 kroner a day. Both between 10-12 meters in length cost 150 kroner a day. Both over 12 meters in length cost + 20 per meter per day. Control visits are made to the port seaman - if the port fee is not paid, this fee costs 100 kroner.

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