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Harbour position DMS
56° 33' 3" N , 8° 18' 22" E
Harbour position DM
56° 33.05000' N , 8° 18.36667' E
Port position map
The Port of Lemvig can be called at around the clock. The entrance to the harbor is via a 4.4 m deep dug trench that starts at Nissum Bredning. The dug trench is well marked with red and green buoys. From a light buoy, course 243.5 is directed towards two red beacon lighthouses, located northwest of Lemvig Marina. When two new beacon beacons are observed in the south, the course changes to 177.7. The course is followed until you see the entrance to the harbor. Red and green pier beacons are located at the entrance to the harbor. There is a speed limit of 3 knots in the harbor basin.
Number of moorings

The Port of Lemvig is located in the city of Lemvig itself. The port has been significantly modernized in recent years, and there are generally many guest berths.

The harbor offers several cozy eateries where you can make stops and enjoy a light meal. There are several shopping opportunities within walking distance of the port.


Visit Lemvig and Omegns museum, which among other things has an exciting planetary path. The planetary path is a scale model of the solar system on a scale of 1: 1 billion. It consists of a series of sculptures in granite and bronze, which are set up in the landscape along the part of the Limfjord where Lemvig is located.

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Ports charge

All boats regardless of size cost 40 kroner per day without electricity.

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