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Harbour position DMS
57° 3' 48" N , 9° 54' 1" E
Harbour position DM
57° 3.80000' N , 9° 54.01667' E
Port position map
Lindholm Brygge is sailed via red and green ball when entering. Normal water depth 1.8 mtr. There is a reef across about 10 meters with a water depth towards the fjord of about 10 meters and within the reef 3 meters.
Number of moorings

Lindholm Brygge is a relatively new port on the Nørresundby side of the Limfjord. A few years ago an industrial area, but now a residential area with a small harbor. Here are not the large facilities, but there is a public toilet about 200 meters from the port

Lindholm Brygge Bådelaug has its home port at Lindholm Brygge.


Lindholm Strandpark is next door to the area by the harbor.

Lindholm Høje is a burial site from the Viking and Iron Ages. Hundreds of stone formations mark the fire pits. At the museum you can experience an exhibition about the life of the Vikings on Lindholm Høje and a newly opened exhibition about antiquity in the Limfjord country.

Ports charge

It does not cost anything to stay in the harbor.

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