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Harbour position DMS
55° 8' 46" N , 15° 6' 37" E
Harbour position DM
55° 8.76667' N , 15° 6.61667' E
Port position map
Listed harbor can be accessed around the clock, though not in harsh winds. The direction of 202.8 degrees marked with illuminated beacon must be respected. The mole head is illuminated. In calm weather, a slight surface current in the Baltic Sea goes towards the Sound and the belts, around Bornholm in the WSW-like direction. When blown, the current usually follows the direction of the wind, but completely erratic deviations can occur and create difficulties in several places. SW-like wind blows can put strong current against Sandhammaren on Skåne's SE decoration. NW-like coal sets hard S-going power at the Hammer. The flow in the breeding water rarely plays a role.
Number of moorings
guest Place

Listed harbor is a small fishing village. Listed is located on the Baltic Sea on the north coast of Bornholm two kilometers west of Svaneke . The harbor is divided into several basins, where the guest sailors are placed in the outer and in between the basin.

Around the areas of Listed harbor there is a café, restaurant and a small fishing museum. There are 237 people living in Listed city. On the harbor area are several tables and benches that guest sailors may use.


In the harbor is a small museum, where the exhibition deals with Listed city and the history and development of the port.

There is a nice nature trail that leads to Svaneke . You walk along the water, where you are led through rocky landscape and forest. Definitely worth a trip.

Joboland , which is an amusement park could also be an opportunity for an exciting excursion. Here are both water parks, zoos and rides. Joboland is also known as Brændesgårdshaven.

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Ports charge

Both under 10 meters in length cost 100 kroner per day.

Both between 10-13 meters in length cost 130 kroner per day.

Both between 13-20 meters in length cost 200 kroner per day.

Both over 20 meters in length cost 310 kroner per day.

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