Lundeborg Lystbådehavn

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Harbour position DMS
55° 8' 19" N , 10° 47' 10" E
Harbour position DM
55° 8.31667' N , 10° 47.16667' E
Port position map
Lundeborg marina can be accessed around the clock. On entering the pier a green lantern. The mole lighthouse leads into 205-305 degrees. The depth of the entrance is 2.5 meters. Bottom nets and other fishing tackle occur in the area around the entrance.
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Lundeborg Fishing and Marina is located on the east side of Funen. The southern part (the newest) is the place to find the best places. In the old part, an old cozy fishing port owned by the fishermen themselves, yachtsmen are also very welcome to call and spend the night. At times it can be difficult to get a seat in the old fishing port.

Lundeborg is surrounded by a fantastic and lush nature with forests, meadows and fields. There are several hiking and cycling routes in the lovely countryside behind the city and along the coast.

There is a kiosk (where breakfast bread can be ordered and which has some groceries) and restaurants near the harbor area. Nice beach north of the harbor.


Denmark's largest hiking block, the Dam Stone or the Hesselager Stone, testifies to the forces that have been bound in the glaciers of the Ice Age. The stone, which consists of red-gray gneiss, is 12 meters high, has a circumference of 46 meters and a weight of about 1000 tons.

Naturama is located in Svendborg, about 12 kilometers from Lundeborg. Here, natural history is told in a new way. The exhibition is designed as a large studio with three levels: Water, Land and Air. Whale skeletons, bears, wild boars, musk oxen and hundreds of birds are staged in a natural theater, where light, sound, film and pictures make the mood of the room change from early morning to dusk and dark night with the most beautiful starry sky. At Naturama, you can stand face to face with a moose, scratch a fox behind your ear, give the little bear a hug, dress like a badger, touch the skins and bones and more. There are weekend and holiday activities for children and adults.

Broholm Castle is located 4 kilometers from Lundeborg harbor. The castle is open to the public. The castle has existed since the 1300s, but the current castle buildings date from 1642. It is possible to get a guided tour.

+45 62 25 17 53
Ports charge

2017: - 9 m: 130, - / day. 9 - 10 m: 150, - / day. 10 - 11 m: 160, - / day. 11 - 13 m: 170, - / day. 13 - 15 m: 190, - / day. 15 - m: 310, - / day. Diesel: 02.08.16: 10.45 / l

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