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Harbour position DMS
56° 39' 14" N , 9° 58' 58" E
Harbour position DM
56° 39.23333' N , 9° 58.96667' E
Port position map
The port of Mariager can be accessed around the clock. The entrance to the marina takes place after a green beacon on the eastern pier or a red beacon on a western pier. There is a speed limit of seven knots in the trenches. It is important that ships with reciprocating current await ships with current flow. There may be turmoil on the outside of the bridges when the wind is strong from the west.
Number of moorings
guest Place

Mariager Marina is located in Mariager Fjord. The harbor is definitely worth a visit and you will find the best place in the marina.

The city of Mariager itself was founded in the Middle Ages and is known as the city of roses. Mariager has cobblestone and half-timbered houses - here's the mood. It is possible to borrow bicycles at the sailing club's clubhouse. Just as there are several table-bench sets on the harbor area that may be used by guest sailors. In the clubhouse there is an information board with maps of Mariager, with an overview of shops and attractions.

Mariager Sailing Club has a home port in Mariager harbor.


At Mariager-Handest Veteranjernbane it is possible to experience how to make a journey in the years 1910-1950 and try out the locomotives and wagons used. At the same time, it is possible to have a good nature experience, as the railway runs through relatively deserted areas along the Mariager fjord.

Mariager Abbey Church was built back in the 14th century in connection with the Birgittin Monastery, and whether you are visiting churches or not, this beautiful church is definitely worth a visit with lots of history and beautiful murals.

Mariager Saltcenter is located on the harbor and is well worth a visit. Mariager Saltcenter is the Nordic region's only experience center for salt - and everything that has to do with salt. It is possible to get into a "salt mine", and if you bring your swimsuit, you can try to float in something reminiscent of "The Dead Sea". It is possible to get a tour if you book in advance.

Ports charge

All boats regardless of size cost 140 kroner a day. This includes bath, toilet and electricity.

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