Middelfart - Gammel Havn

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Harbour position DMS
55° 30' 27" N , 9° 43' 32" E
Harbour position DM
55° 30.45000' N , 9° 43.53333' E
Port position map
The port can be accessed around the clock. Most often the current in the Little Belt northbound is in calm weather.
Number of moorings

Middelfart old harbor offers real harbor atmosphere and nice facilities with toilet and bathing facilities as well as facilities for supplying electricity and water to the boats. The harbor was formerly a commercial port, but now the whole harbor can be freely used by guest sailors.

Electricity and water are paid according to consumption, and tokens for the stands are drawn at the service building.

Middelfart town center offers a nice pedestrian street and the small squares are a stone's throw from the harbor. It is possible to make provisions and go sightseeing in the city and its museums. Middelfart has, among other things, an exciting maritime museum that exhibits maritime and ferry traffic through the ages.

There is also the opportunity to visit one of the city's excellent eateries with food for every taste and purse.

There is a gas station cicra 100 meters from the port.

+45 20 41 92 60
Ports charge

2018: Boats 0 - 9 m 120 kr. Boats 9 - 12m 140 kr. Boats 12 - 16m 170 kr. Boats 16 - 20m 200 kr. Boats over 20m 280 kr. Boats with over 10 people 460 kr. Half price from 23 / 10 - 12/4

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