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Harbour position DMS
57° 3' 24" N , 9° 55' 12" E
Harbour position DM
57° 3.40000' N , 9° 55.20000' E
Port position map
Nørresundby harbor can be accessed around the clock. Throwing winds may occur between the tall buildings. The harbor is not lit, but there is light in the harbor area.
Number of moorings

Nørresundby harbor is located in the Limfjord - about 500 meters from Aalborg Centrum. The Limfjord Bridge separates the two cities.

Nørresundby Torv is approximately 100 meters away, where you will find a pharmacy, library and banks. If you walk about 200 meters to the west, you will find a small shopping mall with a Føtex.

The clubhouse has a bath, toilet and kitchen. It is also possible to get on the internet - the codes can be found in the glass cabinet of the clubhouse.

There are good bus connections to Aalborg Centrum, but you can also choose to cross the Limfjord Bridge yourself.

Nørresundby Sailing Club has a home port in Nørresundby harbor.


Lindholm High is filled with headstones from the Viking Age . On the mound are several hundred quarries and over 700 graves, mainly fire graves, have been found. The oldest ones are from around the year 500 and the newest ones around the year 1100. Remains of a city in the area have also been excavated.

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Ports charge

All sizes cost 120 kroner a day - maximum length for port in the harbor is 11 meters. Nørresundby is a member of the Frihavns scheme, and other members pay 40 kroner in environmental tax for an overnight stay. There is electricity and water on the bridges.

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