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Harbour position DMS
55° 31' 1" N , 11° 7' 9" E
Harbour position DM
55° 31.01667' N , 11° 7.15000' E
Port position map
Reersø harbor can be accessed around the clock. On the south pier is a red light with a fixed light. The entrance to the harbor is marked with a red and green stage with top designation. It is recommended to respect the markings and not sail straight up of these because of the tendency to sand. Note that bottom nets and other fishing tackle occur in the area and it extends far from the coast.
Number of moorings

Reersø harbor is located in the bay of Musholm. The harbor was built in 1915 at the initiative of local enterprising fishermen. Although the port is small, it is a gem - and definitely worth a visit. Reersø town consists, among other things, of protected and preserved farms from the 18th century. The city is characterized by many resident visual artists who have open galleries in the summertime.

Breakfast can be ordered the night before at the campsite 1 km from the harbor (58 85 90 30). Also has some provisions.

Small grocery store (open 12-18, Tuesday closed) 950 m from the harbor.

Reersø boat club has a home port in Reersø harbor.


Around the island you can see the special Reersø cats that have a blunt or no tail at all. The tailless cats on Reersø have so far survived almost 200 years.

Reersø nature is the island's main attraction. Steep slopes towards the Great Belt on the west side of the island.

40 57 30 03
Ports charge

Both up to 14 meters cost 120 kroner a day. Both over 14 meters the price is agreed with the port officer. Multi-hull boats pay double rates. Payable in cash in envelope at the port office or MobilePay: 88042 incl. electricity and bath

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