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Harbour position DMS
57° 42' 57" N , 10° 35' 13" E
Harbour position DM
57° 42.95000' N , 10° 35.21667' E
Port position map
The port of Skagen can be accessed around the clock. Vessels and vessels must, when approaching the Port of Skagen within 400 meters of the entrance, follow the guideline, in bearing 334 °, marked by 2 lights showing red light with isophase (synchronous). The fire is placed on a mast at Vestre Tværmole west of the red, solid lighthouse at Vestre Tværmolehoved. The back fire is placed on a 20-meter-high grid tower approximately 20 meters west of the western auction hall. For sailing within the port area, "Rules for sailing etc. in certain Danish waters" apply, including that the ship which is too outgoing must wait. Power: Win between SSW. And W. can give NE - going power, and win between N. and SSE. Can provide SW - current. Most frequent and strongest from SW to NE, up to 2 knots. Max. 3 knots within the outer harbor basin. The difference between mean high tide and medium low tide is usually 0.3 m. W-straight storms can give up to 1.4 m high tide and E-straight storms up to 0.9 m low tide.

At the top of Jutland is Skagen. Skagen is known for Skagen painters and the special light that is said to be in the city. Skagen does not have many old buildings, but there is a very special atmosphere in the narrow alleys down by the harbor.

Skagen Marina is located centrally in the port of Skagen, and is therefore characterized by the traffic and activities that belong to an active fishing port.

The marina has the famous Bindesbøllhuse as a very beautiful and lively backdrop. Throughout the summer the whole area of life buzzes and this continues with activities, shopping and the many cultural opportunities in the city center, which are only a few minutes walk away.

The marina has the Blue Flag and is equipped with all facilities for the sailor; modern bath and toilet facilities, handicap toilet, laundry, barbecue area, water and electricity. Furthermore, there is an environmental station for emptying of toilet and waste oil, as well as diesel booths with card operation. Waste can be delivered to the container.


Don't cheat on one of the fishing restaurants in Skagen, or visit Slagter Munch on Sct. Laurentii Road 1.

Butcher Munch in Skagen

But overall, the range of eateries ranges from the simple but good meal to the great culinary experience and includes gourmet restaurants, pizzerias, cafes and small cozy eateries. Here is something for everyone and every purse.

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Ports charge

2018: - 34 feet: 200, - / day. 35 - 49 feet: 280, - / day. 50 - 65 feet: 400, - / day. 66 - foot: supplement 200, - / started 5 m / day. Multi-hull boats: - 39 feet 280, - / day. 40 - 49 feet: 400, - / day. Water and electricity consumption are included in the above prices. Bath 5 kroner per 2 min.

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