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Harbour position DMS
55° 27' 32" N , 9° 47' 48" E
Harbour position DM
55° 27.53333' N , 9° 47.80000' E
Port position map
The port of Svinø can only be accessed in daylight when the weather is bright and visible. From April 1 to November 15, the sail from Gamborg Fjord to Svinø is clearly marked with red and green buoys.
Number of moorings

Svinø harbor is located at the bottom of Ellebæk cove - a little south of Middelfart.

In the harbor there is free access to toilets, bath, clubhouse and barbecue area as well as playground facilities for children. There are also tables and benches set up in several places on the harbor. Guest sailors are welcome to use all facilities. The nearest shopping is at Ronæs Camping , located approximately 2 km from the harbor. If you want a bigger selection, Nørre Aaby is about 7 km from the harbor - here are several different supermarkets and a butcher.

Svinø Bådelaug has a home port in Svinø harbor.

+45 64 40 33 92
Ports charge

2020: All boats cost 100 kroner a day. The port money must be placed in an envelope at the clubhouse or paid via MobilePay 53314 before 18:00.

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